Our Story

Our Story

My name is Archana Somasegar, founder and CEO of MineMe. As I’ve became more familiar with the internet, It has become more familiar with me – personalizing my online experiencing to best serve my needs.

It took years for me to understand the price I paid for this. I had no idea what data of mine was out there, who had access to it, and how it was being used. It frustrated me to learn that enterprises buy and sell consumer data all the time without our consent - and importantly without compensating us for the tremendous value our data creates on the marketplace today!

In fact, the data brokerage market is estimated at almost 240B dollars, why did I not make a single cent from my own information? Maybe even more importantly, how come I couldn’t choose to only share the information I felt safe and comfortable sharing?

Thus MineMe was born. MineMe is a company, committed to helping internet lovers like you and me reclaim ownership, visibility, and control over our data. Join us in the data revolution today!

Archana Somasegar

Founder & CEO of MineMe

Head of New Customer Growth @ Deliverr (acq. by Shopify, 2022)

Innovation & Consumer Tech @ McKinsey

B.A. Harvard University

MBA Candidate Wharton School of Business

Heling Zhao

Technology Lead

Senior Software Engineer @ Series B Startup

Vice President, FX Payments @ Goldman Sachs 

B.A. Princeton University

MBA Candidate Wharton School of Business