Our Story

Our Story

My name is Archana Somasegar, founder and CEO of MineMe. As I’ve became more familiar with the internet, It has become more familiar with me – personalizing my online experiencing to best serve my needs.

It took years for me to understand the price I paid for this. I had no idea what data of mine was out there, who had access to it, and how it was being used. It certainly wasn’t ok when I received a message from a stranger claiming to know where I had been in the last 24 hours.

Sharing some of my data improved my browsing experience but the question remains: If today, the data brokerage market is estimated at almost 240B dollars, why did I not make a single cent from my own information? Maybe even more importantly, how come I couldn’t choose to only share the information I felt safe and comfortable sharing?

Thus MineMe was born. MineMe is a company, committed to helping internet lovers like you and me reclaim ownership, visibility, and control over our data. Join us in the data revolution today!

Archana Somasegar

Founder & CEO of MineMe

Head of New Customer Growth @ Deliverr (acq. by Shopify, 2022)

Innovation & Consumer Tech @ McKinsey

B.A. Harvard University

MBA Candidate Wharton School of Business

Heling Zhao

Technology Lead

Senior Software Engineer @ Series B Startup

Vice President, FX Payments @ Goldman Sachs 

B.A. Princeton University

MBA Candidate Wharton School of Business