Holiday Rewards Beta

Welcome to the MineMe Holiday Rewards Beta Portal!

Check out our featured brands HERE - download our extension, fill out a survey, and get a discount code to purchase from featured brands today!

This portal will have all key resources for your participation in the beta. Please review the materials below and join the beta today. Questions? Send us an email at

Thank you again - and welcome to the MineMe Community!

How do you participate in the Holiday Beta?

*Subject to terms and conditions. Review FAQs below

Beta Opt-In Form

Fill out this form to confirm your information and interest in participating in our beta:

Chrome Extension Download

Download the MineMe beta chrome extension onto your desktop browser (compatible with Chrome)


Our beta will launch Monday, December 4th 2023 and will run through January 4th 2024. 

a) Officially opt into the holiday beta (including signing our terms of participation) via the form above

b) Download the MineMe extension and ensure it is live on your Chrome browser (link to download above)

c) Visit our featured brands page, and complete the survey(s) between Dec 4 '23 - Jan 4 '23

d) Our team will email you a discount code once we've confirmed your eligibility (e.g., the extension is active on your browser and a survey is complete).

e) Once you've made your purchase, send the final receipt to our team to continue to be eligible for discounts and rewards

**This rewards program will run while supplies last. Please note the survey response and purchase must occur within the beta timeframe (Dec 4 '23 - Jan 4 '23) to be eligible for the discount.  

You must be 18+ years old, and must be residing in the United States of America. In order to be eligible for the discount code, you must (1) download the MineMe extension and ensure it is active, (2) fill out a survey for a featured brand, and (3) make a purchase from the brand website (not Amazon etc, must be from the brand site) within the timeframe of the beta (Dec 4 '23 - Jan 4 '23), and share the receipt with our team. 

Each featured brand offers a unique discount code, which you can find at our Featured Brands Portal. You can recieve one coupon code per survey response (and may only complete 1 survey per brand) for the duration of our beta. 

Our current extension is built to collect purchase data from select sites (e.g., Amazon, Walmart, Target, Shopify-hosted sites). We will be collecting information on items that you add to your cart, including the name of the site, the name of the product, and the price of the product, tied to your email profile.  As we continue to build out use cases, our product will expand the types of data we collect and offer you the opportunity to decide which types of data you're willing to share. 


Make sure that you have signed up on our official opt-in form (above) and have downloaded the beta extension. We will share important updates and releases to this group via our newsletter. Please also make sure to follow us on all socials - links below!

Shoot us an email or send us a message through any of our socials - links below!